The maritime industry, encompassing the buying, selling, and transferring of yachts and ships, is as vast and deep as the waters these vessels navigate. In this global and often complex market, the need for secure, efficient, and legally binding transactions is paramount. Enter Remote Online Notarization (RON), a digital solution that is steering the maritime industry into safe harbors of modernity and convenience.

The Tide of Change: RON in Maritime Transactions

Maritime transactions are no small affair. The purchase, sale, or transfer of yachts and ships involves considerable legal documentation, much of which requires notarization. Traditionally, this process has been cumbersome and time-consuming, particularly when it spans international waters. RON, however, offers a beacon of efficiency and security.
Why RON Makes Waves in Maritime Deals

  1. Global Reach, Local Convenience: RON dismantles geographical barriers. Buyers, sellers, and necessary legal parties can execute notarized documents from different corners of the globe, without the need to meet physically. This is particularly beneficial for transactions involving vessels in international waters or parties residing in different countries.
  2. Anchored Security: Digital documents used in RON are encrypted, offering higher security levels against fraud and tampering compared to traditional paper documents. This enhanced security is crucial for high-value transactions typical in the maritime industry.
  3. Smooth Sailing Through Legal Seas: The legality of maritime transactions can often get murky. Remote Online Notarizations are considered to be signed at the notary public’s venue.  (i.e. If a signer is in international waters and connects with an online notary located in Hillsborough County, Florida the venue of the signing will be Hillsborough County, Florida).

Real-World Currents: RON’s Practical Application

Imagine a scenario where a yacht owner in Florida wishes to sell to a buyer in the Caribbean. Coordinating a physical notary meeting would involve significant logistical challenges and delays. With RON, all parties can complete the necessary documentation and notarization in real time, expediting the sale and transfer process and ensuring that the vessel can set sail under new ownership without unnecessary delay.


The integration of Remote Online Notarization into maritime transactions represents a significant leap forward in the industry’s ongoing journey toward digitalization. Ensure your business remains buoyant in an increasingly digital world by scheduling a free business consultation today with NotaryNode.com